1. JD Supra Morning Brief: Fundraising Mistakes, Internet of Things, Whistleblower Protections, Nursing Homes

    This day in copyright law: on March 7, 1994, the US Supreme Court ruled that parodies of a work are covered by the doctrine of fair use.

    Three fundraising mistakes startup entrepreneurs make – and how to avoid them… (Adrian Rich, Jack Steele, and Jordan Walbesser; JD Supra Perspectives

    The end of the world is nigh? Nah – But the Internet of Things is… (JD Supra Contributors

    Don’t tell Mom the babysitter’s blowing the whistle… (Mike Delikat, Renee Phillips, Jill Rosenberg, and Devin Slack at Orrick

    Party in the breakroom? No actually, throughout the whole store… (Edward Harold and Jaklyn Wrigley at Fisher & Phillips

    When to incorporate, how to protect my ideas, and other questions entrepreneurs frequently ask… (Riaz Karamali at Pillsbury

    Oh the times – and the nursing home industry – are a-changin’… (Jonathon Bashford and Carin Marney at Lane Powell

    The bad news? We need to do an invasive procedure to relieve your gastroesophageal reflux disease. The good news? That’s actually just the billing code… (King & Spalding

    The possibilities are limitless … for strawberry patents… (Paul Swanson at Lane Powell

    It’s everything you ever wanted to know about contests and prize promotions around the world. Or most of it, anyway… (DLA Piper

    The truth is out there – and maybe one day the “untruth” will be too… (Chip Phinney  and Aaron Tidman at Mintz Levin

    [Hot Topic] The Supreme Court of the United States

    [Featured Author] Margot Patterson at Dentons


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  2. JD Supra Morning Brief: Stolen Bitcoins, Poker Money, FMLA Leave, For-Profit Education

    "Hog butcher for the world,
    Tool maker, stacker of wheat,
    Player with railroads and the nation’s freight handler;
    Stormy, husky, brawling,
    City of the big shoulders.” (Chicago, Carl Sandburg)

    On this day in 1837, the city of Chicago is incorporated.

    Will Mt Gox customers be able to recover their stolen bitcoins? (Timothy Durken, JD Supra Perspectives

    Homeowners associations: don’t get caught in a holding pattern when the drones arrive… (William Sleeth at LeClairRyan

    Good things come to those who wait. Like former customers of Full Tilt Poker, who finally got their $76 million back… (David Deitch at Ifrah Law

    You can take the time as vacation or as FMLA leave … but not both… (Matthew Morrison at Sherman & Howard

    Do law firms need sales professionals? It depends, according to this BigLaw CMO… (Jeffrey Berardi, JD Supra Perspectives

    What to learn from the feds’ attack on for-profit education? (Alexandra Megaris and Jonathan Pompan at Venable

    A $6.8 million reminder for employers to stay out of the tip pool… (Michael Cardman at XpertHR

    US Fish and Wildlife is planning significantly more stringent rules for oil and gas activities in the National Wildlife Refuge System… (Donald Baur and Odin Alonso Smith at Perkins Coie

    One thing’s for certain: German consumer protection association VZBV is no friend of Facebook… (Karin Retzer at Morrison & Foerster

    [Hot Topic] Non-Compete Agreements

    [Featured Author] Michele Lange at Kroll Ontrack



  3. JD Supra Morning Brief: TCPA Consent, Nutrition Facts, Retaliation Claims, Separation Agreements

    On March 3, 1873, the US Congress enacted the Comstock Law, making it illegal to send any “obscene, lewd, or lascivious” books through the mail. A century later, the Internet was invented, sending the Comstock law into oblivion…

    Giving out your phone number when making an online purchase equals giving out consent for text messages and telemarketing calls… (John Culhane, Mark Furletti, and Alan Kaplinsky at Ballard Spahr

    Nutrition facts are about to get a facelift… (Mary Langowski and Tiffani Williams at DLA Piper

    How to minimize the chances of retaliation claims… (WeComply

    One takeaway from Michael Jordan’s lawsuit against Jewel-Osco? Apparently, it takes “a real asshole” to sue someone for $5 million for posting a congratulatory message… (Brent Lorentz at Winthrop & Weinstine

    You might want to update your separation agreements – before the EEOC does it for you… (Beth Zoller at XpertHR

    Will Detroit’s pensioners accept the “quick exit” offer from Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr? (Scott St. Amand at Rogers Towers

    Calling all stakeholders: the European Commission wants your views on future copyright law in the EU… (Ewa Rusak and Oskar Tulodziecki at K&L Gates

    And on the seventh rule, the FDA created sanitary transportation of human and animal food… (Venable

    Sometimes, the easiest way into your data is through an open door… (Daren Orzechowski and Daniel Overly at White & Case

    [Supra du Jour] Discrimination

    [Featured Author] Karina Sterman at Ervin Cohen & Jessup


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  4. JD Supra Morning Brief: Cheerleader Lawsuits, Tax Time, Employer Mandate, Keystone Pipeline

    Heading into the office? Take the JD Supra Morning Brief along for the ride…

    Gimme an “L” … Gimme an “A” … Gimme a “W” … Gimme an “S” … Gimme a “U” … Gimme an “I” … Gimme a “T” … What does it spell? (Jillian Collins at Mintz Levin

    Tax rates, Medicare taxes, personal exemptions, and more. Yup – it’s that time of year again… (Duane Morris

    Protecting American Inventors and Innovators: Round II… (Andrew Williams at MBHB

    The employer mandate delay is but one piece of the pay-or-play penalty puzzle… (Greta Cowart, Anthony Eppert, Nancy Furney, David Jackson, and Lori Oliphant at Winstead

    You might say that Nebraska was the “keystone” of the pipeline project… (Daniel Kavouras at BakerHostetler

    Snowball effect: the bribery edition… (David Gair at Gray Reed & McGraw

    This company’s trademark strategy: crush the competition… (Anjali Shankar at Winthrop & Weinstine

    Would you eat at a restaurant that charges you for employee health care? (Conor McNally, Jenna Shedd, and Lawrence Tabas at Obermayer

    The IRS will have to come up with a new way to fight tax return preparer fraud… (Gale Chan, Robin Greenhouse, and K. Christy Vouri at McDermott Will & Emery

    [Hot Topic] The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

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  5. JD Supra Morning Brief: Employee Engagement, Medical Frontiers, Custody Battles, Unpaid Internships

    If you bought your Powerball ticket at  Dixon Landing Chevon in Milpitas, California, you might be getting the day off… Everybody else: grab a cup of coffee and read the JD Supra Morning Brief.

    How to engage employees and maximize their contribution… (Jathan Janove at Ogletree Deakins

    Telemedicine is more than just new technology… (Mark Kadzielski and Jee-Young Kim at Pepper Hamilton

    2013 was a rough year for the National Labor Relations Board… (Bruce Bagley and Adam Santucci at McNees Wallace & Nurick

    Most of the time, everybody loses when custody battles end up in court… (Marlo Van Oorschot

    How’d you get that job? - Great advice from in-house counsel on managing your career… (JD Supra Perspectives

    Tread cautiously when setting up – and implementing – an unpaid internship program… (Jamie Rotteveel at Pepper Hamilton

    Another storm, another snow day… And another set of issues for employers to resolve… (Joanna Rich and Salvador Simao at FordHarrison

    Just a thought: you might want to turn off your smartphone BEFORE you attend the FTC seminar on mobile device tracking… (Monica Desai, MIchael Drobac, Melodi Gates, and Deborah Lodge at Patton Boggs

    Does the latest #SochiFail meme violate the trademark on Olympic rings? Probably not… (Martha Engel at Winthrop & Weinstine

    [Hot Topic] The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) 

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  6. JD Supra Morning Brief: Virtual Currency, 3-D Printing, European Corruption, Obnoxious Laws

    It may be hard to believe, but YouTube is nine years old today. Happy Birthday!

    What do Bitcoin and other virtual currencies need to be legitimate? (Jason Wisniewski, JD Supra Perspectives

    Yes, you’ve got an extra year to provide health insurance to your employees. But not to start counting their hours… (Meghann Kantke at Gray Plant Mooty

    Here’s an in-depth look at the impression 3D printing is making on intellectual property rights… (Deepak Gupta at Farella Braun + Martel

    Career advice from the General Counsel of Leprino Foods: it’s your network, your life experience, your legal experience, your business savvy, and your work ethic… (Richard Russeth, JD Supra Perspectives

    It’s not often a New York court calls a Florida law “truly obnoxious”… (Richard Tuschman at Akerman

    75% of companies surveyed by the European Commission think that corruption is widespread in their country… (Edward Fishman and Isabelle De Smedt at K&L Gates

    Real lawmakers debate virtual currencies in California… (Keith Paul Bishop at Allen Matkins

    Will the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement undermine public health? Not if these Democrats can help it… (Donald Zuhn at MBHB

    Is it worth the risk to use social media in hiring decisions? (H. Carlton Hilson at Burr & Forman

     [Hot Topic] Estate Planning

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  7. The FMLA Five: Need-to-Know Updates on the Family and Medical Leave Act

    Navigating the ins and out of the Family and Medical Leave Act can be challenging. These updates can help:

    1. Actually, the law is fairly clear on this point… Can An Employee Insist That The Employer Pay For FMLA Medical Certification? - Jeff Nowak of Franczek Radelet 
    2. Turns out the FMLA is location-neutral… What Happens in Vegas … May Be Protected FMLA Leave - Alicia Voltmer of Ogletree Deakins 
    3. Caregivers may not always have to give physical care while on FMLA leave… Psychological Care Under FMLA: How Can an Employee Qualify? - Dena Calo and Julia Ard O’Halloran of Genova Burns Giantomasi Webster 
    4. “I’ve got the flu, Boss, and I need some time off”… Flu Remedy: Can an Employee Get FMLA Leave for the Flu? - Tiffani McDonough of Obermayer 
    5. It only counts as retaliation when you’re punishing the employee for taking leave… FMLA: Discipline Unrelated to Leave Is Not Retaliatory - Peter Callaghan of PretiFlaherty 


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  8. JD Supra Morning Brief: Bitcoin Perception, Amanda Knox, Sierra Club, Football Cheerleaders

    And so it begins: 55 years ago today, Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments files the first patent for an integrated circuit.

    We need to change our perspective of Bitcoin. Here’s why… (Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph

    So what happens if Italy demands the extradition of Amanda Knox? (Robert Anello at Morvillo Abramowitz

    The NLRB reminds us: if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again… (Ronald Meisburg at Proskauer

    This just in: a recent Sierra Club poll that shows substantial support for the EPA… (Seth Jaffe at Foley Hoag

    Sick of your job and can’t take it anymore? You’re probably better off NOT telling your Facebook friends… (Richard Meneghello at Fisher & Phillips

    The going salary for an Oakland Raiders cheerleader? $1,250. For the entire season… (Dawn Knepper at Ogletree Deakins

    Food fight! Well, at least until the Supreme Court weighs in… (Natalie Naugle at Morrison & Foerster

    It’s only a matter of time before US skies are filled with drones… (Philip Baker-Shenk, Gary Halbert, Charles Naftalin, Joel Edward Roberson, and Charles Tobin at Holland & Knight

    The Supreme Court just left workers all dressed up with no check to cash… (Byron Lau, Julia Riechert, and Michael Weil at Orrick

    [Hot Topic] Independent Contractors 

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  9. Affordable Care Act + Employers = You Need to Read These Updates

    Are you keeping up with the latest Affordable Care Act developments? These updates, from experts writing on JD Supra, will help:


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  10. JD Supra Morning Brief: Tax Evasion, Prairie Chickens, Gossip Policies, Native Advertising

    Think you’re cold? On this day in 1947, the city of Snag, Alaska recorded North America’s coldest temperature ever: -83F…

    How’d You Get That Job? Jared Cohen, General Counsel and VP of Operations at Kickstarter, tells his story… (Jared Cohen, JD Supra Perspectives

    Even the Romulan cloaking device won’t help you avoid taxes by hiding your foreign bank account… (Mary Burke Baker and Andrés Gil at K&L Gates

    Who cares if the lesser prairie chicken is protected under the Endangered Species Act? The oil and gas, agriculture, wind energy, cell and radio towers, power lines, and road industries, for starters… (Brooke Wahlberg at Sedgwick

    Heard it through the grapevine? Well, actually, it’s true that the NLRB does not like “no gossip” policies in the office… (Tiffani McDonough and Michael Pepperman at Obermayer

    Is the artist currently known as Prince a copyright bully? (Brent Lorentz at Winthrop & Weinstine

    The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus thinks companies should label sponsored content as advertising… (Nathan Hole and David Mallen of Loeb & Loeb

    Two fake-hair companies just settled money-laundering charges with the feds… (WeComply

    Turns out that if you want to modify your home loan to avoid foreclosure, you’ll have to get it in writing from the lender… (Alejandro Moreno and Lisa Yun at Sheppard Mullin

    Looks like there’s something for everyone on this year’s Supreme Court docket… (Boris Bershteyn and Allon Kedem at Skadden Arps

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