1. JD Supra Morning Brief: Ellen’s Selfie, Private Equity, Google Glass, Double Taxation

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    You might wonder who owns Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar Selfie, but the real question is whether selfies even qualify for copyright protection… (Dan Nabel at Greenberg Glusker

    What’s a short phrase like you doing in a trademark like this? (Tim Sitzmann at Winthrop & Weinstine

    So what exactly is private equity, and what would it mean for my startup? (Marcus LeBeouf at Gray Plant Mooty

    Who needs Siri when your Google Glass can tell you if your boss is in a bad mood? (Giulio Coraggio at DLA Piper

    The bottom line for avoiding religious discrimination in the workplace: employers must accommodate sincerely held beliefs of employees… (Michelle Seldin Silverman at Morgan Lewis

    The wind – and the Ninth Circuit – cries “infringement” in Jimi Hendrix publicity rights lawsuit… (Todd McCormick and Mari Spears at Sedgwick

    It may be only 3000 people, but impact of wealthy Americans giving up their citizenship to avoid FATCA could be costly to the US… (Nicole Kardell at Ifrah Law

    “Aww, they’re playing our song. Hey – wait! They’re playing our song!” (David Kluft at Foley Hoag

    Ever think “we need a more efficient way to resolve these patent disputes”? Head to Texas… (Ifti Ahmed and Michael Simons at Akin Gump

    [Featured Author] Lynne Hermle at Orrick 

    [Hot Topic] Religious Discrimination



  2. JD Supra Morning Brief: TCPA Consent, Nutrition Facts, Retaliation Claims, Separation Agreements

    On March 3, 1873, the US Congress enacted the Comstock Law, making it illegal to send any “obscene, lewd, or lascivious” books through the mail. A century later, the Internet was invented, sending the Comstock law into oblivion…

    Giving out your phone number when making an online purchase equals giving out consent for text messages and telemarketing calls… (John Culhane, Mark Furletti, and Alan Kaplinsky at Ballard Spahr

    Nutrition facts are about to get a facelift… (Mary Langowski and Tiffani Williams at DLA Piper

    How to minimize the chances of retaliation claims… (WeComply

    One takeaway from Michael Jordan’s lawsuit against Jewel-Osco? Apparently, it takes “a real asshole” to sue someone for $5 million for posting a congratulatory message… (Brent Lorentz at Winthrop & Weinstine

    You might want to update your separation agreements – before the EEOC does it for you… (Beth Zoller at XpertHR

    Will Detroit’s pensioners accept the “quick exit” offer from Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr? (Scott St. Amand at Rogers Towers

    Calling all stakeholders: the European Commission wants your views on future copyright law in the EU… (Ewa Rusak and Oskar Tulodziecki at K&L Gates

    And on the seventh rule, the FDA created sanitary transportation of human and animal food… (Venable

    Sometimes, the easiest way into your data is through an open door… (Daren Orzechowski and Daniel Overly at White & Case

    [Supra du Jour] Discrimination

    [Featured Author] Karina Sterman at Ervin Cohen & Jessup


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  3. JD Supra Morning Brief: Virtual Currency, Email Contracts, Cyber Attacks, Adult Bookstores

    On this day in 1870, Hiram Rhodes Revels is sworn into the United States Senate, becoming the first African American ever to sit in the US Congress.

    The regulation of virtual currency in Canada is imminent… (Michael Lipton, Jack Tadman, and Kevin Weber at Dickinson Wright

    Think that email’s not a real estate contract? Think again… (Richard Smith at Bernstein Shur

    Higher education, meet cyber attack. Are you ready? (Cynthia Larose and Julia Siripurapu at Mintz Levin

    Dude, this guidance from the feds for banks on doing business with the marijuana industry is like way less helpful than they think it is… (Steven Eichorn at The Ifrah Law Firm

    Can a city force adult bookstores to close at midnight? Not in the Seventh Circuit… (Matthew Schettenhelm at Best Best & Krieger

    We’re pretty sure Cross Fit was thinking of the Digital Millennium “Trademark” Act when they filed this lawsuit… (David Kluft at Foley Hoag

    Pretty soon you’ll be able to get your medical test results directly from the lab… (Cory Fox and Lynn Sessions at BakerHostetler

    Kevin Jonas’ baby was brought to you by Dreft laundry detergent. Really… (Jeffrey Edelstein, Linda Goldstein, and Marc Roth at Manatt

    Here’s a good overview of what employers need to know about BYOD policies… (Paul Lannon and Phillip Schreiber at Holland & Knight

    [Supra du Jour] The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

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  4. JD Supra Morning Brief: 3D Printing, Computer Hacking, Camouflage Copyrights, Morality Clauses

    On this day in 1947, Edwin Land unveiled the first commercially viable instant camera, the Polaroid Land Camera.

    3D printing may solve a lot of supply and demand problems – as it creates some interesting legal issues… (Cleve Clinton at Gray Reed & McGraw

    Five Supreme Court cases you should follow… (JD Supra Contributors

    Good to know: accessing your employer’s computer system using your own credentials is not considered illegal “hacking”… (Daniel McCoy and Dan Ko Obuhanych at Fenwick & West

    What do aspirin, zipper, escalator, and thermos all have in common? (Hodgson Legal

    Is there a copyright hiding on that coat? (Kirk Watkins at Womble Carlyle

    Tread carefully when including a morality clause in your employment agreements… (Teleicia Rose at Obermayer

    Want to get into the California booze market? Read this… (Marco Costales at Nossaman

    Art forgery appears to be alive and well. And paradoxically, so does the fine art market… (Sheppard Mullin

    Keep your eyes on the road – not on your Google Glass… (Cindy Abramson and Gabriel Meister at Morrison & Foerster

    [Supra du Jour] Mobile Apps

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  5. JD Supra Morning Brief: George Washington, Copyleft Law, Facebook Speech, Secure Shopping

    On this day in 1913, Pedro Lascuráin becomes President of Mexico for 45 minutes. So how was your day at the office, dear? 

    Sure, you knew George Washington was the first President and the first Commander-in-Chief. But the subject of the first “fair use” lawsuit? (David Kluft at Foley Hoag

    Think copyright law is complicated? Wait until you have to deal with copyleft… (Travis Crabtree at Gray Reed & McGraw

    And sometimes, offensive speech on Facebook CAN get you fired… (Beth Zoller at XpertHR

    Why should local communities be worried about the Time Warner-Comcast merger? Because high-speed internet… (Joseph Van Eaton at Best Best & Krieger

    Can Target lead the way to more secure shopping? (Adam Veness at Mintz Levin

    The NLRB’s promising faster elections and fairer results under its new rules, but employers know better… (Christopher Ward at Foley & Lardner

    The FDA wants to make it harder to enter the medical food market… (M. Elizabeth Bierman, Robert Hibbert, and Tony Pavel at Morgan Lewis

    Are doctors finally safe from severe cuts to Medicare payments? (Marshall Burack at Akerman

    The IRS is scrambling to avoid class action claims from the Tea Party… (Jennifer Benda at BakerHostetler

    [Hot Topic] Patents

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  6. JD Supra Morning Brief: Tax Evasion, Prairie Chickens, Gossip Policies, Native Advertising

    Think you’re cold? On this day in 1947, the city of Snag, Alaska recorded North America’s coldest temperature ever: -83F…

    How’d You Get That Job? Jared Cohen, General Counsel and VP of Operations at Kickstarter, tells his story… (Jared Cohen, JD Supra Perspectives

    Even the Romulan cloaking device won’t help you avoid taxes by hiding your foreign bank account… (Mary Burke Baker and Andrés Gil at K&L Gates

    Who cares if the lesser prairie chicken is protected under the Endangered Species Act? The oil and gas, agriculture, wind energy, cell and radio towers, power lines, and road industries, for starters… (Brooke Wahlberg at Sedgwick

    Heard it through the grapevine? Well, actually, it’s true that the NLRB does not like “no gossip” policies in the office… (Tiffani McDonough and Michael Pepperman at Obermayer

    Is the artist currently known as Prince a copyright bully? (Brent Lorentz at Winthrop & Weinstine

    The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus thinks companies should label sponsored content as advertising… (Nathan Hole and David Mallen of Loeb & Loeb

    Two fake-hair companies just settled money-laundering charges with the feds… (WeComply

    Turns out that if you want to modify your home loan to avoid foreclosure, you’ll have to get it in writing from the lender… (Alejandro Moreno and Lisa Yun at Sheppard Mullin

    Looks like there’s something for everyone on this year’s Supreme Court docket… (Boris Bershteyn and Allon Kedem at Skadden Arps

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  7. JD Supra Morning Brief: $50 Million, Stolen Cards, African Growth, Uber Drivers

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    Pssst. Wanna raise $50 million? (Penny Somer Greif at Ober|Kaler

    How much could you owe if your credit card were stolen? (Jamie Ribman at Gray Reed & McGraw

    The African Growth & Opportunity Act was enacted to stimulate trade and investment between the United States and Sub-Saharan Africa. And it’s working… (Evelyn Suarez at Williams Mullen

    Are Uber drivers employees or independent contractors? (Jessica Catlow at Mintz Levin

    Good news for borrowers: the country’s financial watchdog is focused on fair lending… (Joseph Barloon, Anand Raman, and Darren Welch at Skadden Arps

    Looks like trade secret protections wouldn’t even make it onto the podium in Russia… (Olga Anisimova at Orrick

    Consumers and merchants aren’t the only ones interested in Bitcoin – so are state and federal regulators… (Crystal Kaldjob at Goodwin Procter

    What exactly are “clothes”? (JD Supra Contributors

    Here’s an interesting look at how how performers, owners, and consumers of music view the intersection of user-generated content and copyright law… (Tim Sitzmann at Winthrop & Weinstine

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  8. JD Supra Morning Brief: Blackout Rules, Student Sexting, Food Terrorism, Gut Check

    On January 13, 1966, Robert C. Weaver becomes the first African- American Cabinet member when he is appointed United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

    The FCC is considering an end to its blackout rules for NFL games. And that could prove costly to broadcast television… (Bloomberg Law

    Here’s an insightful look at what schools should do about the sensitive – and serious – issue of student sexting… (Suzanne Bogdan at Fisher & Phillips

    Ol’ Man Winter’s rearing his ugly head. So what’s an employer to do? (Charlie Plumb at McAfee & Taft

    The FDA sets out to fight food terrorism with a new rule… (Corporate Law Report

    The number of the day is 70 million – give or take 40 million credit and debit card details… (Cynthia Larose at Mintz Levin

    Nothing happens independently. Everything is tied to something before it… (Josh Beser at JD Supra Perspectives

    The characters in Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes are part of the public domain. Sort of… (Dan Nabel at Greenberg Glusker

    Need to know if an advertiser is hawking false weight-loss claims? The FTC’s “gut check” guide can help… (Camille Calman, Robert Driscoll, Nancy Felsten, Joanna Summerscales at Davis Wright Tremaine

    5 eDiscovery trends to watch in 2014… (Kroll Ontrack, JD Supra Perspectives

    Is your company prepared for “big data”? (Peter Sanborn at Foley & Lardner

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  9. JD Supra Morning Brief: Data Breaches, Copyright Myths, Governmental Funding, Severance Agreements

    “Allo?” – on this day in 1927, the first transatlantic telephone service was established, linking New York to London.

    The Affordable Care Act comes of age this year… (Thomas Ferrante and Linda Fleming at Carlton Fields Jorden Burt

    Those rumors about using copyrighted materials on the Internet for free? Don’t believe ‘em… (Jessica John Bowman at McAfee & Taft

    Your tax dollars at work – for startups and emerging companies… (David Bannard at Foley & Lardner

    Severance agreements are inevitable. But the liabilities they can create are not… (Rachelle Hill at Bean, Kinney & Korman

    When man’s best friend becomes a landlord’s biggest headache… (Jodie Clark McDougal at Davis Brown

    The feds just fined an auto finance company nearly $100 million for charging higher rates to African-American, Hispanic, and Asian and Pacific Islander borrowers… (BuckleySandler

    Hackers didn’t take a vacation this holiday season… (Cynthia Larose at Mintz Levin

    Behind on your HIPAA compliance? Here’s what you need to do… (Alicia Gilleskie and Mary Pat Sullivan at Smith Anderson

    It is now illegal in Florida to drive too slow in the fast lane… (Bernard Walsh at Shapiro Goldman Babboni & Walsh


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  10. JD Supra Morning Brief: Sherlock Holmes, Dietary Supplements, Form Contracts, Identity Theft

    Baby, it’s cold outside - stay warm, Midwest.

    It’s no mystery: all elements of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories published before 1923 are part of the public domain… (Lance Koonce at Davis Wright Tremaine

    Dietary supplements do not treat a concussion – and that’s the challenge facing the FDA… (Marc Sanchez at Contract In-House Counsel and Consultants

    Good advice for developers – and everyone else – on using form contracts… (Adam Haimo and Jeremy Sahn at Bilzin Sumberg

    Small businesses commonly make these two copyright mistakes… (Ashley Dobbs at Bean, Kinney & Korman

    It’s time for companies to take precautions against medical identity theft –here’s what to do… (Travis Wall at Barger & Wolen

    Seven hot workplace issues for 2014… (Corporate Law Report

    Brewer responds to Starbucks’ cease and desist letter with a promise to never call his beer “Frappicino” - and a $6 check for expenses… (Tim Sitzmann at Winthrop & Weinstine

    It was an interesting year for health care, but not for the reasons you would expect… (Craig Day at Lane Powell

    Who’s on your brand dream team? (Hodgson Legal


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