1. The 13 Most Popular ‘Social Media’ Reads on JD Supra in 2013

    Hot topic, indeed. Throughout 2013, JD Supra contributors have been telling us about the myriad issues at the intersection of social media and the law. For your reading, tweeting, sharing, liking, recommending, favoriting, plusing (one-plusing?), and pinning pleasure, here’s a recap of some of the most popular updates during the entire year.

    Thirteen well-read in 2013 - On Social Media & the Law

    1. eWorkplace Policies – Social-Media, Privacy & Internet-Security
    2. Federal Judge Orders Service of Process through Facebook
    3. Employers Can Discipline Employees For Certain Social Media Activity
    4. A Legal Guide To The Use Of Social Media In The Workplace
    5. Here’s What’s Missing from Your Company’s Social Media Policy
    6. Social Media in the Workplace – Employers Must Now Comply With Strict NLRB Oversight
    7. NLRB Confirms that Comments Posted on Social Media May Be Entitled to Protection
    8. 10 Ways HR Departments Violate the Law Without Realizing It (And What To Do About It)
    9. NLRB: Use of Social Media Can Be Protected Employee Activity
    10. Network Interference: A Legal Guide to the Commercial Risks and Rewards of the Social Media Phenomenon (2nd Edition)
    11. [Video] When Is It NOT Okay to Delete Your Social Media Account?
    12. NLRB Issues Pair of Decisions Limiting Employer Discipline and Policies Regarding Social Media
    13. No, You Can’t Deactivate Your Facebook Account When Litigation Is Pending

    Bonus updates, also among the most popular, because you deserve it:

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