1. Calling Mobile News Junkies: Read JD Supra on Flipboard Magazines


    Calling all mobile news junkies! We’ve been having great fun building JD Supra law news magazines on the terrific Flipboard 2.0 mobile news reader. Jump in and start reading law news and updates covering just your interests.

    As you’ve probably heard by now, Flipboard recently started allowing users to create magazines on any topic - apparently over 100,000 mags were created in the first days of this new offering.

    We publish so much legal commentary and analysis for distinct audiences that we immediately began testing out the new Flipboard functionality, with distinct mobile readers in mind.

    "JD Supra Law News" on Flipboard

    To find the law news magazine of your choice, simply open Flipboard on your tablet/iPad and search for JD Supra Law News. You’ll see a number of magazines to choose from, including:

    …and others in the works. These magazine are updated with top JD Supra content (text and video) daily and weekly, depending on the topic.

    Send us a note if there’s a particular mag you’d like to see.

    See you on Flipboard!