1. JD Supra Morning Brief: Cruise Fires, Sound Marks, Private Foundations, Wolf Hybrids

    Leave it to Nixon to mess things up… Apparently, Presidents’ Day isn’t even a real holiday – it’s still officially called Washington’s Birthday (sorry, Abe). Never mind, we say, it was nice to have the kids home from school.

    Looking to get away? You may want to watch this before you book a cruise… (LXBN

    “Do not use terms such as ‘guaranteed’ or ‘entitled,’ unless they are preceded with the word ‘not’” - tips for drafting employment offer letters (Burns & Levinson

    What’s the over-under on Cordray? (Ballard Spahr

    Don’t want to pay New York residency taxes? Consider moving your parents out of state (maybe someplace where it’s warm, like Miami. Or Arizona. What kind of a son are you, anyway?) (Akerman

    Have you heard the latest on “sound mark” applications in Canada? (Field Law

    As of January 1, 2013, commercial banks, savings institutions, credit unions, and others must begin reporting to the IRS interest on deposits paid to nonresident aliens (Cox Smith

    A private foundation may be the best tool for meeting your philanthropic goals (Schnader

    Turns out that Immigration & Customs Enforcement does have deportation quotas after all (Davis Brown

    Farmers Insurance Group is discontinuing coverage of dog bites for pit bull terriers, Rottweilers, and wolf hybrids (Demas Law Group

    Tsk, tsk, tsk: “Banks may be allowing hedge funds to avoid rules.” Make it stop, Mr. CFTC Chairman… (Shipkevich PLLC


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