1. JD Supra Morning Brief: Cybersecurity Insurance, Home Office Deduction, Dodd-Frank, Mercury Levels

    Maybe you’re working today, maybe you’re not. Either way, the JD Supra Morning Brief is waiting for you:

    What to do if you’re involved in a federal criminal investigation? Good question, but the wrong one. You need to know what NOT to do (The Kaiser Law Firm

    Cybersecurity insurance? Yep. But what type of coverage? (Gilbert LLP

    The good news: the IRS simplified the home office deduction. The bad news? “Simple” is relative. But this update will help (Duane Morris

    Healthcare organizations that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it (BakerHostetler

    Irony? Comedy? Tragedy? “GAO Is Unable To Quantify Costs And Benefits Of Dodd-Frank” (Leonard, Street and Deinard

    Are regulatory efforts to lower mercury levels in the U.S. population working? (Pepper Hamilton

    The EU wants to raise tax revenues by up to $47 billion per year with a tax on financial transactions. The US thinks it’s a bad idea (Shipkevich PLLC

    Legislators in both houses have introduced bills that would allow the discharge of private student loan debt in bankruptcy (Dechert

    Two recent NLRB decisions remind us what 12 months of invalid rulings would look like (Proskauer

    Sun shines. Rain falls. Natural gas industry opposes FERC’s proposed new reporting requirements (Ballard Spahr