1. JD Supra Morning Brief: Office Love, Cybersecurity, Sunshine Act, Interplanetary Species

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a JD Supra Morning Brief we know you’ll love:

    Yes, there is such a thing as a “love contract,” and yes, your employer can make you sign one. But hey – you would do anything for love, right? (JD Supra Law News

    President Obama signed a cybersecurity executive order on Tuesday. Here’s what it looks like (Corporate Law Report

    Wait - you mean you CAN judge a book by its cover? (Heenan Blaikie

    The long arm of the FCPA regulators is getting longer… (Morgan Lewis

    According to the CFTC, dozens of UBS employees engaged in more than 2,000 instances of illegal contact while manipulating LIBOR. And that’s just one of the banks involved… (Michael Volkov

    It’s gonna be a bright, bright, sunshiny day. Yes, we’re talking to you, drug, medical device, biological and medical supply manufacturers (Perkins Coie

    The EU Unitary Patent Court will open its doors on February 18, 2013 (Baldwins

    Do your employees face automatic termination after a set period of leave expires? Well, stop doing that. Now. (Partridge Snow & Hahn

    SpaceX founder Elon Musk wants to use the company to make man an ‘interplanetary species,’ while still realizing value for shareholders (MoFo Tech

    Business associates: beware. You’re on your own if you violate the HIPAA Security Rule (Akerman


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