1. JD Supra Morning Brief: Dietary Supplements, Rorschach Test, SEC Reports, Divorce Prep

    On this day in 1990: the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party agrees to give up its monopoly on power. So what’s on YOUR to-do list? Oh yeah – the JD Supra Morning Brief:

    How do we engage patients to improve their own healthcare? Cool technology might work (Fenwick & West

    Word to the wise: when you tell users you’re not collecting their personal information, don’t (Is That Legal?

    “These dietary supplements are absolutely not enhancing my immune function. I can just feel it…” (Morrison & Foerster

    What do YOU see when you look at Lance Armstrong? (Morvillo Abramowitz

    Do your SEC reports look any different today? Perhaps they should… (Corporate Law Report

    Minnesota wind farms - where eagles dare… (McCarter & English

    Don’t be surprised if you have to give your zip code to California businesses when making an online purchase – it’s legal now (Perkins Coie

    What to do if you’re accused of a federal crime? (The Kaiser Law Firm

    Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service approved Rosneft’s $5 billion acquisition of TNK-BP (King & Spalding

    What can employers expect form immigration reform? (Littler

    Considering a divorce? Here’s what you need to do first (Adrian H. Altshuler


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