1. JD Supra Morning Brief: Protecting Whistleblowers, Patenting Cats, Reforming Taxes, the End of the World

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    Tax reform has become a revenue-raising exercise, and that is hurting the country’s credibility (Levick

    Don’t laugh: patenting cats is serious business (even when done by Mr. Ditto) (McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff

    True or False: the Chief of the SEC’s Whistleblower Program thinks corporate lawyers too often try to find ways to prohibit employees from blowing the whistle. Bonus question: Is it legal if they do? (Proskauer

    The end of the world isn’t coming, so you’ll have to go to work on December 22. Your consolation prize? The best damn update on labor and employment law we’ve read all year (Fisher & Phillips)  

    Eat your heart out, BCS: the latest battle between the University of Southern Mississippi and the University of Iowa takes place in the courtroom, not on the gridiron (Lewis and Roca

    Big Data could save the healthcare industry $300 billion a year. That buys a lot of tongue depressors (Fenwick & West

    Wondering what the Feds’ record False Claims Act settlements mean for nonprofits? Read this update (Venable

    High school basketball in Indiana is more cutthroat than you might think (Franczek Radelet

    What’s a bigger deterrent to insider trading: longer sentences or more convictions? The answer might surprise you (Morvillo Abramowitz

    UK employee unfairly demoted over Facebook posts, English High Court rules (Orrick