1. Supra du Jour: FCPA Guidance Puree with a Sprinkle of DOJ & SEC

    As the punny title suggests, here’s a quick taste of one law news item we’ve been monitoring of late:

    Earlier this week, divisions of the United States Department of Justice and Securities Exchange Commission issued a 120-page guide to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the federal law that exists to keep U.S.-based corporations (and their employees/executives) conducting business overseas on the straight and narrow.

    As law firm Morvillo Abramowitz points out, even though the guide is largely hypothetical it is - in the words of its authors - an “unprecedented undertaking.” 

    Who should care to try today’s Supra du Jour with, we might add, a lovely international flavoring as its base? (Think French and Chinese - or no: German and Thai.) From the intro:

    "[E]enterprises of all sizes from small businesses doing their first transactions abroad to multi-national corporations with subsidiaries around the world."

    To that end, we’ve put together a roundup for business leaders, a look at what it all means. Enjoy:



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