1. JD Supra Weekend Reader: The 2012 Election Edition

    For this weekend’s JD Supra Reader, we’d like to turn your attention to the diverse and insightful analysis of the 2012 elections we’ve seen coming in from some of the smartest lawyers in the country.  

    First up: an excellent, 124-page post-election review by law firm Patton Boggs. The title of the report asks a terrific question. And the answer:

    Link: 2012 Post-Election Analysis: A Narrowly Divided Electorate Has Spoken: How Will The President and The Congress Respond? - Patton Boggs 

    The second read is the ultimate guide to who’s out, who’s in, and who they represent, from K&L Gates. It’s a useful companion piece to Patton Boggs’ analysis:

    Link: 2012 Election Guide: A Guide to Changes in Congress - K&L Gates LLP 

    Finally, a roundup of legal commentary on how the state, local, and national elections will affect all of us: business owners, employees, taxpayers, internet users, gay couples, and, yes, pot smokers.  2012 Elections: You Win Some, You Lose Some - Legal Perspective… 

    Happy reading!


    Bonus for making it this far: Mick Jagger and Jeff Beck do the Presidential Election Blues