1. Medical Marijuana Laws: A California Update

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    For your interest: two well-read updates today on JD Supra, covering legal issues to do with medical marijuana in the Golden State. Put this in your pipe and smoke it::

    - Cannabis, Collectives, Cooperatives And The California Corporations Code (Allen Matkins)

    "In a published decision last month, the Second District Court of Appeal considered the question of whether a cooperative could be too big to qualify as a cooperative.  In People v. Colvin, 203 Cal. App. 4th 1029 (2012), the defendant appealed from his conviction for transporting about a pound of marijuana from one medical marijuana establishment to another.  On appeal, the Attorney General argued that the defendant’s cooperative was simply too big to allow any ‘meaningful’ participation in the cooperative process; hence, it cannot  be a ‘cooperative’ or a ‘collective’ in the way intended by the applicable statutes.  The Court of Appeal rejected this argument…” Read the entire update»

    - Court Of Appeal Clarifies Limits Of Legal Protection Provided To Medical Marijuana Collectives, Cooperatives And Dispensaries Under The CUA And The MMPA (Kronick Moskovitz Tiedemann & Girard)

    "Recently, the Fourth District Court of Appeal held that, in order for a medical marijuana dispensary to be lawful under the MMPA, the operators must cultivate the marijuana on-site.  (City of Lake Forest v. Evergreen Holistic Collective (2012) 203 Cal.App.4th 1413.)  The Lake Forest case concluded dispensaries that cultivate at one site and transport the medical marijuana to another site for distribution are unlawful and prohibited under the MMPA.  In this case, the court builds on this principle of law by further clarifying the manner in which such dispensaries may lawfully operate in the collective cultivation of medical marijuana and the payment for services associated with such cultivation. The court also found defendant’s operations constituted a public nuisance” Read the entire update»

    Also see from earlier this month:

    - Oaksterdam Raid Last Gasp in Federal Pot Prohibition? (Lawyers.com):

    "The crackdowns in California notwithstanding, most signs point to continued relaxation of pot laws. Previous state attempts to legalize it failed in California in 2010 and Colorado in 2006, but with public opinion polls steadily shifting in subsequent years, the country could be near a tipping point… Even conservative evangelist Pat Robertson is now calling for looser drug laws due to the strains pot arrests put on the criminal justice system. Will 2012 be the year the dominoes start to fall? Stay tuned." Read on»

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