1. Popular Reads on Healthcare Reform

    For your convenience, here’s a quick recap of some of the most popular articles covering Healthcare Reform on JD Supra this month. A diversity of analysis and commentary on the many aspects of the Affordable Care Act:

    1. The Assault on the ACA Continues in the Federal Appeals Courts
    2. ACA, HIPAA, COBRA and HSA Penalties: What Do They Mean?
    3. Why Are We Not Surprised? Hospital Charges Are The Largest Driver Of Medical Cost Inflation
    4. ACA’s Deductible Limits for Small Groups Repealed
    5. Health Care Reform: Who is a Full-Time Employee?
    6. High Courts Vet Key Provisions Of The Affordable Care Act Government Extends Enrollment Deadline
    7. Congress Passes Rare Bipartisan Amendment To Obamacare
    8. The Affordable Care Act—Countdown to Compliance for Employers, Week 38: Congress Eliminates Separate Cap on Deductibles
    9. Are You Susceptible To The Employer Mandate? Diagnose Yourself
    10. Study Shows the ACA Will Not Lead Physicians to REDUCE the Number of Medicaid Recipients, Supply and Demand, and Get Me My Pokemon Cards!

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  2. A pungent plant known for its skunk-like aroma, marijuana, accompanied by its distinct scent, is poised to waft onto properties across Colorado that may find the odor less than euphoric. The issue becomes whether these Denver residents have a legal avenue to control the once contraband odors from invading their living spaces, be it an adjacent apartment, backyard, or living room…


    1. Yes, we are aware of the irony of posting this on our Buzz blog
    2. Expect more such analysis as the … smoke … clears and everyone makes sense of the numerous issues raised by legalized marijuana in Colorado (and Washington)
    3. You can read the entire update here: Legal Pot Leads to Possible Nuisance Suits, but Viability is Unlikely
    4. This post published at 4:20 PST. Just saying.
    5. Medeski Martin and Wood (and Scofield) do a pretty amazing version of Legalize It. Enjoy:

  3. upworthy:

    How Bad Were These 100,000 Kids That Courts Had Them Sent To Adult Prisons? The Reason Disgusts Me.

  4. When the public performance right was granted for music in 1897, there was really only one way such a performance could occur. Live performers could gather an audience from the public and sing and play in front of that audience. But over the years, advances in transmission and storage technologies made it possible to extend the reach of a performance….


    When technology and the law evolve at different paces, AKA:

    Supreme Court Hears Argument in Aereo Case re Bringing Broadcast TV to the Internet

  5. How to Create a Firm Mentoring Program That Is Efficient, Effective, and Motivational [Q&A] | →

  6. [GM] believed the value of a person’s life was around $200,000 and that the design would kill about 500 people. The cost to fix the vehicles would be $8.59 per car. GM rationalized that paying off 500 deaths would only cost them around $2.49 per car for every car they had on America’s roads. It was cheaper in the long run to let the people burn and pay off the claims…

    — There it is, then. GM Recall — Bad Switches, Bad Relations, Bad Acts

  7. Hot Reads in Cybersecurity

    Once more into the (data) breach - here’s a quick look at the most popular cybersecurity-focused updates on JD Supra during the first half of April. Heartbleed on the list, of course, but that’s not all that matters right now. See for yourself:

    1. The Heartbleed Lesson for All Companies? Manage the Risk…
    2. Court Sides with FTC on Sweeping Data Security Role
    3. Stop Phoning It in on Mobile Security: What Your Business Needs to Know About the FTC’s Settlements with Fandango and Credit Karma
    4. The SEC Cybersecurity Roundtable: Indicator of Things to Come?
    5. Court Rejects Wyndham’s Challenge to FTC’s Data-Security Enforcement Authority
    6. EU – International data transfers from processors to processors made easier, good news for cloud providers and outsourcers
    7. You’re Not Immune: Hackers Target Health Care Providers Of All Shapes & Sizes
    8. You’re Not Immune: Hackers Target Health Care Providers Of All Shapes & Sizes
    9. Trade Secrets? Tips For Keeping Data Safe
    10. SEC Hosts Roundtable on Cybersecurity Issues and Challenges
    11. European Parliament Adopts Compromise Amendments on Data Protection Regulation
    12. NIST Releases Preliminary Cybersecurity Framework
    13. Cybersecurity Disclosure Heats Up

    And three more because that’s how much we love you:

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  8. Legal Perspectives on Heartbleed

    And by that title, no, we don’t mean legal analysis of the occasional heartache that comes with being in love. We wish you the very best with that.

    What we mean, of course, is:

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  9. Popular Reads on JD Supra

    Monday recap - in case you missed them the first time around, here’s a quick look at some of the most well-read updates on JD Supra over the past several days. (Video: Jimi reminds us of the original Bleeding Heart):

    1. First Glance: Legal Implications of the Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug?
    2. Recently Unveiled “HOME Forward” Housing Act May Signal the End of Fannie and Freddie
    3. IRS Says Bitcoin Isn’t Money
    4. The Heartbleed Lesson for All Companies? Manage the Risk…
    5. Court Sides with FTC on Sweeping Data Security Role
    6. Social Networking for Jerks: FTC Goes After Site for Scraping Facebook Content
    7. As Apps Rise, Are Domain Names the Next AM Radio?
    8. The SEC Cybersecurity Roundtable: Indicator of Things to Come?
    9. Health Care Reform: Who is a Full-Time Employee?
    10. Applause Can Come with a Big Price Tag - Michael Jordan v. Jewel Food Stores, Inc.

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  10. First Glance: Legal Implications of the HeartBleed OpenSSL Bug? →